Thursday, March 24, 2011

Terran sucks at longer distance maps?

Here`s what IMMVP said in a interview recently. Not I´m not yet sure if its so big thing as he makes it sound but I guess we well see that in upcoming tournaments.

Q: You won the GSL January 2011. But you were eliminated from Code S by losing two fast games to Julyzerg. What do you think about the current state of Code S? Are you confident you will be able to do well in future GSLs?

With longer starting distances on the new GSL maps, it has become very bad for Terran, I think it’s pretty obvious when all the Terrans were eliminated from GSL. If Terran gets nerfed again, I think it will be hard to produce good results. I’ve even considered changing races for the next tournament, but I’m not sure about what I’ll do yet.

What do you think?


  1. This guy clearly... knows what hes talking about.

  2. That's a tough question... Oh man.

  3. Terran rocks, but yeah they're getting shot like crazy. Check out my new blog, if you haven't already!

  4. Awesome post looking forward to more tips and tricks.

  5. Terran rocks, too bad if they get nerfed